3 Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Garage

A garage can easily become either a dumping zone or extremely under utilised. Consider these simple ways you can improve your garage and optimise its usage.

About 63% of all occupied housing units in America have a garage or carport. This additional space is tacked on to the home and is often treated as an afterthought. It becomes the default storage space.

If this is what your garage is like, then you can do better. There are ways you can improve your garage to make it more useful. This will give you more storage space and make it more pleasant to work in.

This guide will show you how to improve your garage, so it’s a more pleasant place to be in and use.

1. Use the Vertical Space

The next time you’re in your garage, look up. You likely have unused vertical space. You can install garage shelving or garage cabinets to create more storage space. You can install these either on the upper wall or mount them to the ceiling and have them hang down.

Always install your shelves or cabinets into the studs. This ensures they’re strong enough to support the weight of the items you put on them.

2. Seal and Insulate Your Garage Doors

You’re working in your garage, and you hit the remote for your garage door. But closing the door doesn’t make your garage any warmer. Freezing temperatures make working in your garage unpleasant.

Improve your garage by upgrading the insulation. Replace the weatherstripping on the bottom of the door and around any other door. Then fill in any gaps around the windows with caulk.

You can also look into adding insulation to the backside of your garage door. If your garage door is older, you could replace the entire door with a modern one that comes with insulation already installed.

Pay attention to the insulation’s R-value rating. This will tell you the ideal insulation for the climate zone you live in.

3. Create Usage Zones

Make your garage more pleasant to use by creating usage zones. That way, you aren’t digging all over the place for what you need for a single project.

  • Tools
  • Garden equipment
  • Sports equipment
  • Car care
  • Long term storage

Creating zones organises the items in your garage. You know where to look when you need a particular item based on its use. It also ensures there’s always a designated spot for items.

Use a tool chest to organise your small hand tools. This further organises your tools by type and use.

You could have hooks on the wall to hang garden equipment from. A pegboard is another useful organisational system. Then you can adjust how you organise the shelves, hooks, and anything else to hang items from it.

Install large shelving or racks for your long term storage. You can put items in labeled bins so that you know where everything is on the shelves.

Improve Your Garage

Keep these three tips in mind and take a look at your garage. Look for ways to organise the space better, utilise more of the empty space, and make it a more pleasant area of your home.

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Victoria Shepard
My name is Victoria, i studied Architecture at university and that is where my passion for interior design started. I love to share my tips and tricks with my readers and help educate people on home renovations and more!