3 Must-Have Materials For A Rustic Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the heart of any home, so you need to make sure that you create a practical and stylish space that fits your tastes and requirements. It’s rumoured that a kitchen area can really make or break a home. It can go from being a sociable hub of the house or the place that non of the residents really like to visit. 

Choosing the perfect kitchen takes a lot of time and effort. To get inspiration, many homeowners check out the latest kitchen design trends. Ensuring you do that get warm social hub feeling whilst being practical brings one particular trend to mind. 

Many of these trends come and go, but some last longer than others. The focus on rustic, natural kitchens is here to stay, as natural materials make your kitchen look and feel homely and inviting.

If you’re thinking of embracing the rustic look for your kitchen in 2021, then you need to find the right materials and know how to use them to turn your room into a natural oasis where you can enjoy cooking and entertaining.

You will want to strike a balance between giving yourself that rustic finish but still maintaining efficiency and ensuring the products you use can be cleaned easily and essentially cooked on! The kitchen can be a messy place and the last thing you’ll want to do is invest in materials that can not be cleaned easily or that you have to be incredibly careful on to ensure that you do not have any accidents that may be damaging to them. 

To give you inspiration, here are 3 vital materials that every rustic kitchen needs. Using these materials, you can turn even the most dull and drab room into a stunning room where you can cook up tempting tasty treats. 


Terracotta is an often-overlooked rustic material that will transform your kitchen into a beautiful, rustic space. This stunning material is strong and beautiful, so it will last for many years and make your kitchen look naturally magnificent. One great way to incorporate terracotta into your kitchen is to use terracotta floor tiles. Check out this list of ideas on how to use rustic terracotta tiles from Lubelska so that you can find inspiration and choose the perfect tiles for your beautiful, natural kitchen. The colour itself is a wonderful and complementary for most rustic styled kitchens. They’re also a talking point themselves. 


An obvious choice, wood is essential for any rustic kitchen design. The material is evocative and gives the feeling of being in a natural, outdoor space when it’s used for furniture, flooring and doors.

Most kitchens use wood in some way already, such as on the doors and cabinets, but by adding more wood, such as beams and cutting boards, you can enhance the rustic feel of your kitchen. Wood requires a lot of care and maintenance if you want to keep it looking majestic and beautiful for many years to come.

However, by using it in the right places, such as on your kitchen cabinets and by caring for it correctly, you can enjoy the benefits of your wooden kitchen features well into the future. With wood you don’t need to over-do it, adding a few elements of food into your kitchen will help you achieve the right finish.

Particularly if you chose to invest in something like beams or cladding. That way the material isn’t on a surface that will potentially be damaged by wear and tear, it’ll instead add the right visual direction to an area and the rest of it can be complemented by the right floor choices or colour palette. 


In today’s plastic age, it’s understandable that many of your kitchen storage containers and utensils will be crafted from from this man-made substance. However, natural materials such as glass not only look better in a rustic kitchen, but also last longer and don’t leak harmful chemicals into your food.

Glass containers are also easy to keep clean, meaning that you can keep your kitchen looking pristine and bright without as much effort as usual. Many homeowners might be put off by the supposed fragility of glass, but many glass mason jars and other storage solutions are robust enough to withstand a lot of wear and tear, so they’re ideal for modern kitchens. 

Rustic kitchens look stunning in a wide variety of properties. Use this article to find the perfect materials for your dream rustic kitchen. 

Victoria Shepard
My name is Victoria, i studied Architecture at university and that is where my passion for interior design started. I love to share my tips and tricks with my readers and help educate people on home renovations and more!