3 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid at all Costs

Sensible bathroom renovations are usually big winners with buyers. Everyone would love to have a modern, comfortable, and beautiful bathroom. This is why it often makes the list for the renovations that offer the best return on investment. The issue is that it’s easy to go wrong with a bathroom renovation, and mistakes can be very costly. Making the wrong choice could also lead to you going over your budget, or make your home virtually unsaleable. Let’s take a look at a few bathroom renovation mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

Doing it Yourself

Bathroom renovations and anything that involves plumbing should usually be done by professionals. It’s almost guaranteed that something will go wrong if it’s your first time doing this kind of work, and one small missed detail on something like a shower installation could engulf your whole budget.

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Moving Major Components Around

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when renovating a bathroom is moving major components, like the toilet bowl or the shower. These will not only complicate things and increase the chances of something going wrong, but they will inflate the costs. Instead, try to reimagine the floor plan to keep the major components in place. Rearranging pipes and drain flanges is major work, and while something like moving a toilet might seem benign to you, it certainly isn’t to someone who understands plumbing.

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Going Too Big on the Materials

Another mistake people make is spending way too much on materials when they could be using much cheaper options. For virtually any type of expensive material, there is a cheaper alternative. For instance, there is no need to invest in real marble if you can get panels or veneers instead. Luxury vinyl tile is another great option.

Luxury vinyl tile, or LVT for short, is comprised of one base layer of vinyl, an additional layer with a print, and a translucent top layer. This can be made to recreate any pattern and give the appearance of almost any material. The results are uncanny and you can make them replicate materials you wouldn’t usually be able to use in a bathroom, like wood for instance.
Besides that, there are tons of other ways that you can save by making sensible changes.

Start by changing fixtures and lighting elements, then try something like adding a frame around the mirror. Then you could start to consider more serious things, like tiling for instance. You could still save here by sticking to one part only, or going for a half-fill.

So, if you were thinking of embarking on a bathroom renovation project, make sure that you avoid these mistakes. This will prevent a lot of headaches and help you keep the costs and scope under control.

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