20 Awesome Soccer Room Decorating Ideas for Kids and Adults

Soccer is one of the most recognized sports in the world which is played by all age groups; some play it for fun and leisure while others play it as a career. Soccer has become so famous that it is now a part of so many people’s lives; as result soccer has found its way into people’s living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and also bathrooms. Here are 20 soccer room decorating ideas to help you set up an amazing room for yourself or and for your kid too.

Soccer Room Decorating Ideas

Painted Soccer Room Wall

Once you have the idea of decorating your room or your kid’s room, probably the first thing that will ring into your mind will be the room’s wall. The best way to come up with unique yet beautiful wall decor, in this case, is going for soccer printed wallpaper that has soccer details on it.

For your room, you can go for the 3D image of your favorite player doing some footwork,  for the kid’s room you can get a picture of your kid in a football jersey maybe holding a ball and stick it on one side of the wall. On one side of the wall, you can have the soccer field painted on it and the front side of the bed placed against the same wall. Soccer ball wall stickers can also be placed on the wall. This idea of a soccer room decoration will make the walls appear amazing.

Go Wide in Colors for Soccer Room Decoration

When you talk about soccer with somebody the colors that pop into your mind are green and white. This should not be the case when it comes to decorating your room or your kid’s rooms while decorating these rooms go for other colors. For your room going for red and black might play the trick. For the boys, blue and white might just stand out as good colors to work with. For the girls purple and pink will blend in perfectly. Let most of the soccer items in the room have different colors apart from the normal green and white.

soccer room decorating ideas

Soccer Field Carpet and Rugs

The majority of the rooms in a house should be warm and at the same time cool, while decorating a soccer room for kids and adults you must go for the carpet and rugs that have a taste of soccer or football logo on them. Check out this fantastic soccer rug here on Amazon.

You might want to go for a rug with football pitch drawings on it. We found this affordable soccer pitch rug here on Amazon. You can place the carpet in the center of the room. Find door rugs with a football symbol or a goalpost on them and place them on the doorstep of the rooms. Doing this will bring a feeling of welcoming into the room and it will also keep the room warm.

Soccer Room Decorating Curtains 

While decorating the rooms, the windows should also be considered. Go for the beautifully decorated curtains with a taste of soccer on them. Think of curtains with a print of a soccer player dribbling a ball on it and fix it on one of the windows. You can also go for a curtain with your favorite team’s logo on it. You can do the same while decorating your kid’s room. This will bring out the feeling of pride and support for their favorite team.

A Soccer Ceiling

One of the forgotten parts of a room while decorating is usually the ceiling. This should not be the case while decorating a soccer room for your kids and yourself too. For the ceiling in your room, you can fix football pitch wallpaper on it and for the kids if the ceiling is high enough hung some soccer ball swirl. This idea will come out to be unique and classy too.

Add Some Shelves in the Soccer Room

The idea of adding some shelves in the soccer room will work well if you have some more items you want to display. You can have some shelves customized according to your taste for soccer. For example, go for some floating shelves which have a logo of your favorite team or that of your kid’s favorite team and place them on the walls and remember not to overdo it. On these shelves, you can display soccer trophies won or soccer balls signed by professional players. 

soccer room decorating ideas

Soccer Curtain Rod

While decorating the room, the curtain rod should also be in place, do not go for the ordinary curtain rods while on the other hand, you can get a curtain rod with a touch of soccer on it. Check out this curtain rod we found on Amazon.  This will be a perfect piece accompanied by a soccer curtain on it.

Get a Soccer Room Decorated Desk

You can include a desk customized with a soccer touch on it in the room; this desk can act as a workplace for your kids to do their homework from while on the other hand in your room it can act as a study area. Find our recommended soccer desk here.

Include a Soccer Chair in the Room

It is impossible to imagine a decorated room without some seats to sit on. For the soccer room, go for a customized chair that suits your taste and color according to the soccer theme. On the other hand, you can decide to buy the chairs and put them anywhere in the room. This will make the room comfortable to relax in.

Go for a Soccer Bed 

A soccer bed that has the shape of a goal post will blend in well in a soccer room. You can have it customized or bought.

Soccer Room Decoration for the Bathroom

The bathroom too should have the taste of soccer. To achieve this might seem impossible but in the real sense, it is not. Find a toothbrush holder, a soap dispenser and a bathroom shower curtain that has soccer symbols and logos on them. 

Add Some Soccer Arts in the room

You can display some portraits of soccer legends and stars on the walls or an artistically created soccer ball on one of the comers in the room. You can also include a wall clock that is specially customized for you.


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Soccer Beddings

The beddings in your room can also have a touch of soccer on them, it might be a football pitch a soccer ball or of your favorite player. Remember to pick the warm beddings.

Include chest of drawers 

The chest of drawers will create more space in the room in the sense that your clothes and that of your kids will have a good place to be stored in. you can have some soccer ball stickers on it or even a logo of your favorite soccer team on it.

Include a Door Sign

A door sign might work perfectly when you are decorating your kid’s soccer room. You can place a picture of his or her favorite player, a soccer football or a picture of footwork. See here for our recommended soccer room door sign. 

Add unique lighting ideas

A well-lit room is a well-decorated room; choose the perfect light for the soccer room. You can add chandeliers that have soccer on them. The lighting of the room will be complemented with the colors used to decorate the room.

Do Not Do Anything Permanently

While decorating the kid’s room it is important to decorate it temporally because unlike adults kids might change their preferences easily. You might find that this time it’s all about soccer while the next time it will be all about netball.

Space matters

Remember to leave just enough space to move around the room easily. This will ensure that the kids can access the items easily and so can you.

Simplicity is the way to go

While decorating one can easily get carried away in the act, to avoid this choose a few colors to work with and go for the important pieces of furniture needed in the room.

a football/Soccer Room Decorating Ideas

Add Some Electronic

A television set can be included in the adult room so that one can watch soccer clips, videos and live soccer matches. Remember in soccer it is either you are an active participant or a passive one. In the kid’s room, you can have a play station installed to keep the soccer spirit alive. This will take the rooms to a higher standard.

Decorating a soccer room should be that expensive. You can improvise some of the items that you are planning on using. For example the soccer shelves you can make them yourself, you do not have to spend a lot to get them. To come up with a good soccer room for your kids you will have to involve them in many different ways.

Ask questions just to be sure of the kid’s preference, take them along when you go out to shop for the items needed for the soccer room and you may also involve them in decorating their rooms. This will enable them to find their way around the room easily hence they will not be a bother to others with questions like where can he or she find shoes or other items they need.


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