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20 Kid’s Room Themes That You’ll Both Love

Would you want to spend the whole of this decade arguing with your kid about their bedroom? No. That is why it’s advisable to think about a room color theme that both of you will love. And no, it doesn’t necessarily need to be shades of blue or toys, or yet still, cartoons.

While choosing the best themes can be difficult for most people, it helps to listen to the kid in order to get a close to perfect picture of what theme they really want. If that’s still not possible, you can draw inspiration from this article. It has spotlighted 20 of the world’s best kids’ room themes. From neutral and calming, to bold ideas. You are at liberty to choose ones that please you because all of them are just over-the-top themes. Keep reading.

Kid’s Room Themes That You’ll Both Love?

kid's room themes

Sports Inspired Theme

Kids, especially boys adore sports the same as adults. For kids who live in sportswear and green stains, a wall painted like a football pitch means all hours are game time. Also, you can make imaginations soar by complimenting the room’s sporty look with bedding that bear the colors of their favorite team. One thing you’ll like about this theme is that it’s just fun and easy pulling off. It won’t take you more than an hour.

Camp-Tent Theme

This is yet another amazing theme for your kid’s room. And it’s not your ordinary canopy: It comes with a dramatic drape that makes the bed comfier. Beside the bed, a fake fireplace makes for a gathering place for sharing snacks and sharing stories. To finish off and bring a feeling of coziness in the room, add snuggly duvets. Hey, bring the campfire feel closer to your kids.

Circus Tent

Why not go for a circus themed room, perfect for incorporating plenty of fun and imagination. 

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Hang a canopy above the bed and create a fun corner for playing using a circus tent. Paint a colorful ceiling to bring the circus theme to life, but take care not to go overboard and make it look clownish! 

Oceanic Theme

Blue represents oceans in geographical maps, and it also stands for your tyke, at least if they want to become a snorkeler in future. Compliment the room’s ocean-themed blue walls with plastic fish in a colorful net.

Beach-Inspired Theme

If your kid loves the coast so much, you should expect them to migrate to the coast someday. But you should not wait until they’re fully grown in order for them to experience beach life. Try sunset-hue window curtains, raffia as bed skirt, turquoise walls, and patched bedspread.

Magic Forest

If your kid is one of those that have been bewitched by fables and fairy tales, or they simply love the outdoors, bringing a magical scene closer to them will make for a more comfortable space. Get grass-green bedding. For the walls, stick plastic butterflies and then place towering trees in one corner of the room. Think about that.

Space-Age Theme

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If your kid is a dreamer, you’ll start to realize that even before they begin walking on their feet. Bring the theme to life with star and moon wall and ceiling stickers, plus space-themed accessories to enhance the theme. You’ll get a perfect room that’s fit for the future astronaut, or even more.

Dinosaur Theme

Also known as the tyrannosaurus theme, this theme is makes for a lively space that is easy to alter in case your kid outgrows their love for anything paleontology. Here, we’re talking about colorful mossy greens, fossils covered in dirt, and tyrannosaurus-shaped cabinet and drawer handles. This look can be complemented by cartoon art pieces hanged on the walls.

On Safari

This theme is best suited for the animal-loving kid who just can’t get enough of your local zoo and ‘’the wild’’ TV channels. Think about a way to give the kid’s room a look that mimics a zoo, and don’t forget to get a few monuments of animals. This theme allows your kid an adventurous escape route in the safety of your house.

Little Mermaid

There’s no better way to bring a magical, ocean atmosphere to your kid’s room than by using cutouts of sea creatures to bring life to where your little mermaid sleeps. If you choose any of these two themes, you should use painter’s tape or hot glue to stick the cutouts to the walls.

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You could also get creative and make mermaid scales for your child’s bedroom wall. The above wall was designed using stencils and acrylic pearl paint! How magical does it look?


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Another way to make a mermaid themed bedroom is having mermaid themed accessories, from boxes adorned with shells and sparkles, to shell or fish themed lampshades, mirrors and cushions.

Magical Cars

The hike in the craze for cars amongst small kids can is attributable to the rise of cartoon film cars. Besides, kids are created with an inkling for cars. Bringing the car impact closer to them creates a dreamy world for them. How do you achieve that? Well, it could be simple physical elements such as tires to as fancy as a red car bed. Let the tyke ride in their dreams.


This is one of the most sophisticated way to go about your kid’s room. Introducing colorful or monochrome stripes gives the room some charm. Try different colors, thickness and angles to give your walls and ceiling a feel of class. One advantage of this theme is that it suits all age groups.

Treehouse in the House

Without a doubt one of the most exciting kid’s room themes, why not opt for a treehouse bed? Your child’s bedroom should be a magical place to play by day and a comfortable haven to sleep soundly by night.

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Where there is a zoo, there is also a possibility of treehouses amidst the jungle. Style the kid’s bed in a way that it resembles that setting. This is one sure way to trigger curiosity from anyone who enters that room. It’s also an awesome surprise that excites kids.

Chalkboard Wall

Now, there are those famous quotes and inspirational sayings that you would want your kids to pick. It could be a memory verse from the holy book to custom sayings drawn from your brain. Try painting one wall in chalkboard colors and place those sayings there. And remember to keep updating them as the kids grow.

Floral Themes

Not only are flowers attractive, they also freshen up kid’s room. Whether natural or artificial, flowers come in a range of colors, which makes it easy for you to mix and match them the way you want. Try to create such floral themes as, monogram letters, curtains, flower wreaths, hanging flower baskets, name them. It all boils down to creativity and what pleases both you and your kid.


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Mickey Mouse Art

All kids like creativity and imagination. Mickey Mouse is one popular character in children’s animation films. Having Mickey as the theme of your kid’s room will go a long way to make their living space more fun and comfortable. This kind of wall art makes a space look like a playground, which is specifically good for small kids who should get a good impression of their living area. Other characters such as Tom and Jerry can also make for interesting wall art. And since you’re a grown up and you might not be a fan of cartoons, let the kid make the decision when it comes to choosing carton themes.

Garden Theme

If your kid is a garden enthusiast, then you would want to go for natural themes such as trees and flowers as your preferred style of decorate your kid’s bedroom. This theme does not only give kids ideas about their environment, it also brings the room to life.

LEGOkid's room themes

We all know LEGO as one of the most popular and oldest toy for kids. It is still famous, even it has made a debut in movies already. Having this theme as your decoration style is going to be great! You see, the various colors of LEGO and its character can transform a bland bedroom into an attractive and comfortable one.


It is important to teach your kids new things about the world through decorations in their rooms, because they’re going to see them throughout the day. This theme is also recommended for parents who travel a lot and who want their kids to know something about exploring the outside world. It could be as simple as geographical maps and landscape photos, to fancy tools such as the electric globe. 

Pink Color

Lastly, we’ve color pink. You already know what we’re talking about when this color is mentioned-girls. Most girls naturally like the pink shade. Having this color as the inspiration of your kid’s room will be a good option. Let the boys choose their favorite color, now that we know what color to use in girls’ rooms.

Designing Kid’s Room

In real terms, most parents find it difficult designing a kid’s room simply because it’s also difficult to understand children’s brains and characters. Besides that, knowing how to match the style you’ve picked with the rest of the house is yet another homework.

And then there’s the aspect of affordability. But you shouldn’t worry as this article has already given you the hints about the best themes. These ones are just cheap and they guarantee your tyke a comfortable and classy sleeping space. Try any of them today!

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