2 Car Garage Design Ideas

2 Car Garage Design Ideas

Most people invest a lot of money in buying a car. But, when you leave the car outside, it may suffer damage because of bird droppings, harmful sunlight rays, and tree sap.

Storing the car in a garage is a good decision because it will keep the car cleaner and durable.

In this article, we are going to discuss two car garage design ideas.

The minimum dimension of the garage to park at least two cars is at least 400 square feet. But, if you make precisely 400 square feet, you don’t get sufficient space to take out and get in your car. So, you can prefer to make 576 square feet.

Some people make the parking larger to keep their vehicle correctly and store various other things in a garage. The two-car garages add value to your home. It even increases the resale value of your house.

2 Car Garage Plan

#1. Car Garage Plan With Loft

You can make a 576 square feet floor plan for a detached garage, and an extra space just below the house’s pitched roof. This extra space is also called a loft, where you can store various household things.

The garage will have a front-facing gable that pairs with a brick façade. It will have windows from where the natural light can enter your garage. This garage plan is sufficient to keep a maximum of two cars and adds value to your existing home.

#2. Car Garage Plan With Two Floors

You can make a garage which will have two floors. The first floor will be 672 square feet, where you can park a maximum of two cars. There will be interior stairs from where it will lead you to 331 square feet of room.

The height of the ceiling on the second floor will be almost 8 feet. On the second floor, the house owner can store various essential things. It will be a storage space for him. Even you can utilize the second floor by making it an office or gym. So, it’s a good garage plan.

#3. Car Garage Plan With Carport and Two Floors

This is another wonderful 2 car garage design idea. You can make a garage with a carport. This garage plan will have two floors.

The first floor will be 728 square feet, where you can park a maximum of two cars. Even you will have some space to store various essential automobile parts. The 728 square feet is sufficient to take the car in and out, and the driver will not face any problem with it.

There will be interior stairs that will lead you to 628 square feet loft. A house owner can utilize this space by doing an office or hobby room or any recreational room reserved to do parties with friends and relatives. You can store various household things on the second floor.

The garage will have windows where natural light can enter the garage. There will be an attached carport which will be 312 square feet. If you have another car, then you can keep the third car in the carport.

Again if you don’t have a third car, the house owner can utilize this space. Suppose a guest has come to your house which has a car. He can keep his car in the carport. This 2 car garage design is fantastic.

#4. Car Garage Plan With Carport

Most of the people in the United States follow this garage plan. The garage will be 728 square feet, and the height of the ceiling is almost 9 feet. It has two doors and a storage closet for convenience purposes. The size of one door is 10 ×8 feet, and the other door is 9×8 feet. A carport is attached to the garage, which is 312 square feet.

#5. Garage With Wood Trim and Brick Façade

The wood trim and brick façade detached garage adds value to the dwelling. You can park a maximum of two cars in this garage plan. It is a very simple plan. You don’t have to spend a lot of money here to make a garage. The garage will be 431 square feet to accommodate your vehicles.

#6. Simple and Stylish Garage

A reverse gable and sliding façade garage is quite attractive and adds a striking look. It may even increase the resale value of your garage. The parking space will be 538 square feet which is sufficient to park two cars. The ceiling height can be 9 feet which is pretty good for parking.

#7. Simple Garage

Another 2 car garage design idea can be that of a simple garage of 534 square feet where you can park two cars comfortably. You can even store various essential handy items and tools for gardening and lawn.

#8. Brick Façade and Reverse Gable Roofline Garage

The brick facade garage design is a traditional style garage plan which will protect your vehicles from rain, sun, and snow. You can make a garage of 623 square feet where you can park a maximum of two cars. You can also park one car and a pair of motorcycles. This type of garage gives a room-like feeling.

#9. Garage Plan With Covered Porch and Cabinets

Another good 2 car garage design idea is a garage with a covered porch. You can make your garage 761 square feet, where you can park a maximum of two cars, a kids bike, and one or two motorcycles.

You can even store various gardening tools in this parking space. Try to make some cabinets or open shelves in the garage so that you can keep multiple handy things on it. On the right side of the garage, try to make a covered porch of 124 square feet.

#10. Garage With Decorative Quoins

The decorative quoins will highlight the garage and your dwelling, and it increases the resale value of your home. You can make a 715 square feet garage where you can park two vehicles. The ceiling height of the first and second floor will be 9 feet which is pretty good.

There will be stairs with the help of which you can go up. On the second floor, you will have 450 square feet of storage space. You can utilize this space either by keeping various household things or can convert it into the office.

#11 RV Garage Plan With Boat Storage

The stylish Recreational vehicle(RV) garage adds a modern look to your house. The garage will be 1230 square feet. The center bay will be perfect for boat storage. There are two double doors where you can park your car and even store various household and gardening items.

What Should You Not Store In Your Garage?

  • Paint storage
  • Propane storage
  • Paper goods
  • Refrigerator
  • Pet Food

Wrap Up

You can safely park your vehicles in the garage. A garage can protect your automobiles from harmful sun rays and excess rain. So, if you have a car, then try to make a garage.

2 car garage design ideas are endless, and it adds value to your home. This article shares all the beautiful 2 car garage design ideas. You can use any of the above ideas and make a garage at your home.

Do let us know your suggestions and comments on the ideas we have shared in this article. We would love to see how you have implemented these ideas in your garage. Please share your pictures in the comment section.