15 Clever Teenage Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Most teenagers spend a lot of time in the bathroom, especially girls. Having Teenage Bathroom Decorating Ideas will help you get the most out of your bathroom for teenagers in the house.

The bathroom is usually less considered during home decor. But then again it is a part of the house that is always used and therefore deserves some decoration to make it resemble or blend in with the rest of the house.

Decorating or upgrading a bathroom is an easy decor fix. Some of the easy decors that can be input in a bathroom include the following are ideas that make the bathroom look amazing.

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Touch of Greene

This is where a lush plant, a colorful rug, and unexpected window treatments are all inputs, making the bathroom feel as decorative as the rest of the house.

You can also try inputting a small potted orchid or asparagus fern in a corner either of this will thrive in humidity in the bathroom. You can also use a fiddle leaf instead.

Her you can also install mini succulent plants to grow trailing veins  such as fresh relaxing eucalyptus branches for a mini aroma therapy treatment each morning. The scented stem let off a relaxing fragrance in the bathroom.

Modern Farm Teen Bathroom

The modern farmhouse teen bathroom by a New York City-based Chan go Company was created mostly for girls.

The pink farmhouse pendant light over the vanity is a sweet touch with a nice style. The blue and white tile floor is a modern update with real staying power. It has a shiplap wall that will not feel dated no matter how long it will stay.

Black and White Bathroom for Three Teenage Boys

The design is by Cortney Bishop out of Charleston, South Carolina is created out of the trough sink which accommodates three teenagers at the same time. It has a large mirror above it and three industrial light fixtures.


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It also consists of black and white floor tiles which add a pop of timeless pattern. It is also installed with built-in cabinets on the wall that provide plenty of bathroom storage.

Graffiti Bathroom

For teenagers who are lovers of art, this can be a very eye-popping feature on the walls. Here the bathroom is designed such that on the walls are black square ceramic tiles.

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On the walls in the bathroom some nice graffiti art this personalizes a space like feature wall. There is also a porthole inspired mirror that is placed on the wall adding a nautical touch to the graffiti art on the walls.

Teen Bathroom Brimming With Grown Up Appeal

This is a design built by Terra Cotta Design-Build based in Decatur, Georgia. This idea makes a teen feel grown up with a transitional bathroom that feels very adult-like. Covering the floor are penny round tiles made of durable porcelain.

It is also decorated with quartz which is both moisture and heat resistant. It is also made up of blue shaker style cabinets that provide plenty of space for storage.

Modern Rustic Bathroom for a Teenage Boy

This was originally a design by a New York-based by a home design and Remodeling Company which created this modern rustic bathroom for a teenage boy. It is made up of black and white tiles on the floor which adds a show-stealing pattern.

Blending into the color is a rough-hewed cabinet and matching shelf for storage.

There is also a black shower and tub fixture which blend in perfectly with the white subway tile. It is also made of a compact mirror on the wall above the cabinet and above it is a brass light.


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Retro Inspired Teen Bathroom with Art Deco accents

In this type of bathroom, the walls are painted a shade called spirit. On the floor are black and white tiles in classic art deco patterns.

It contains a large cabinet of any design but the knobs resemble sea glass. This bathroom space is suitable mostly for girls.

Neutral Teen Bathroom for Boys

Here is a normal and neutral teen bathroom with plenty of boyish appeal. On the ceiling and above the vanity mirror hangs nautical light fixture.

The sink is a normal retro-inspired cast iron. On the walls on the right conceal a whimsical faucet print which is the bathroom storage.

Contemporary Pink Glitter Bathroom

Here there are sparkly mosaic tiles placed both on the outside of the tub and on the floor and on the walls.

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This reflects light beautifully and adds a girly touch to his modern bathroom. The tiles also glitter in shades of pink and white giving the room a unique and fun look. This is a unique room, especially for girls.


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Floral Wallpaper

This is an easy decor to the bathroom, here is a low commitment makeover where you get a chance to fix an easy decor like by adding bold blooms to your bathroom.

Floral wallpaper is a suitable bathroom for mostly boys but can be used by both genders since it is just an easy decor to make the bathroom looks amazing. It is basically changing the old stuff with new good looking stuff

Fresh Paint

A simple coat in a fresh shade can make the bathroom feel new. Here the décor is done by changing the existing decor with mostly a white crispy-like Benjamin Moore color.

Here the decor color of paint should be changed to a resistant formula that stands up to humid conditions. Making it remain clean and neat all the time. Paint can make a Bathroom more inviting to Teenagers.

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Polished Fixtures

In this, the decor is based mostly on the sink and shelves giving the bathroom a vanity personality.

The sink is dressed up with a new faucet. The uniqueness includes the polished chrome or copper brushed, nickel or bronze and even brass or matte black on the shelves and knobs.

This gives the room a fantastic look. This bathroom is effective for all teem due to its amazing look. Here a chair can also be added to give the room a fantastic look. The chair is put near shelves that are close to the mirror to one in getting ready in style. 

Doubled Up Curtains

Here the decor is easy in that you frame a basic shower stall with a set of matching curtains to turn into an artful focal point. The curtains should match the tiles or the floor color.

The curtains not only provide a nice setup to the bathroom but also keep water off the floor setup is suitable for home bathroom and therefore perfect for both boys and girls. The curtains also provide privacy and space in the room especially if it is a home bathroom.

Dramatic Lighting

In this type of decor, a chandelier is input above the bathtub mostly hanging below the ceiling. This provides a glam overhead lighting in the room and also sets the mood in the bathroom too.

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The chandelier blends perfectly with the designs in the bathroom. The decor with chandelier makes the room look extravagant and expensive making it perfect for teenagers especially girls.

Soothing Lavender

Purple conjures up associations with luxury and royalty. The purple color is a best used especially in a spacious room.

It is a very attractive color and looks especially to girls since it brings up that girlish and neat look.

This is also an easy upgrade and looks to put in place in a bathroom since the color is the one that is repainted. Then items like the bathtub and shelves that blend with the color are placed. This is a very good upgrade to your bathroom space.

Updated Hardware

This is a renovation idea to your bathroom and its interiors. It is done by simply swapping out drawer pulls giving your bathroom a brand new look. This is also done at a cheap cost since you don’t purchase new vanity.

Here you install modern sleek feel with a bar pull and add some personality with colorful ceramic knobs. This provides a simple and amazing look to the bathroom. The bathroom new look is both for adults and teens of all gender.

teenage bathroom decorating ideas

Experiment the Teenage Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Those are some enticing ideas that can be used to decorate a teen bathroom. Generally decorating teenage bathrooms is easy depending on the ideas, what you want the gender of the teen and the size of the room.

Bathroom decors are the same as room decors and mostly depend on the person’s ideas and the interest he or she has.

Furthermore, it also depends on the amount of money one is willing to invest in decoration and renovating the bathroom.

One may also choose to seek expert help in the decorations from interior design companies which will help you renovate and decorate your teenage bathrooms with Teenage Bathroom Decorating Ideas.

One can also always create a do-over with the older bathroom by changing the paint or vanity in there.

How long does it take to renovate a bathroom? Read our guide here to find out.




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