15 Stunning 2 Story Foyer Decorating Ideas

You need to decorate your house entrance so that it can give a welcoming, warm feeling to anyone who comes in.. Here are 15 Stunning 2 Story Foyer Decorating Ideas.

Staircase with Window-Seat

This refers to a stunning way of decorating your 2-story foyer. A widow by the stairs will bring in more light in your stairway. Additionally, the staircase window seat will create a space for you to view the outside, enjoy the morning sun and rest while you need it. The window seat makes your house look modern and unique since most homes have no staircase window seat.

 The window seat gives more ventilation to the entire house and helps you save power since you do not have to keep the lights on during the day. Have you ever noted that most staircase has no windows? And are you always dark if the lights are off? Consider decorating your o two-story staircase with a window seat.

Stairway Lights

It is so dull and scary, having a dark stairway. However, it is so stunning having a brightly lit stair-way for your two-story. Consider installing different bulb designs to lighten up and decorate your staircase. However, use bright paint on your walls. It will brighten the stairs during the day.

Oak is among the best wood to use on your stairs since it can be crafted in different designs and last long. Use the latest designed large chandelier that can spread light in the whole stairway. Make sure that the paint on the wall rhyme with the window curtains to maintain the theme color of the entire house. The stairway lights should remain on the whole night until there is enough light from outside to make sure it is safe.  A Large Chandelier will create a focal point in your room, especially in the most open space.

Wall Hangings

Make sure you buy wall hangings that have the theme color of your house. The color should match or be similar to most of the furniture, curtains, or the floor. Wallpapers replace wall hangings. The wallpapers come in different designs and colors, so; you have to choose what is in rhyme with your theme color. Wallpapers are cheap and easily installed. You can also replace the wallpaper when they are old, or you need a different color and design.

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Plants and Flowers for 2 Story Foyer Decorating Ideas

Plants and flowers create a cozy feeling making the room feel live. However, if the flowers are living, you need to replace them when necessary to avoid the ugly look of dried flowers. For the non-living flowers, you need to clean them from the dust to give them a fresh look. The flower needs to stay in a vase that has a bright color, which makes it attractive. The flower vase should be on the table placed in the middle of your foyer.

Additionally, place two lamps on the table and a unique conversation item to give a stunning look. Fresh flowers are recommended since they provide a more refreshing feeling. In case the foyer space is not great to use a small table at the entrance that can hold the vase and the lampstand. An empty foyer makes the house look more of a hall than what it is.

Mirror and a Rug

Use a tall mirror to decorate your two-story foyer to emphasize the height of the room. This mirror can be wall-mounted, propped on the floor, or located over the entry table to give a stunning look. Additionally, the mirror height should allow people to check their appearance before exiting the house. The mirror should be properly fixed on the wall to avoid accidents in case it falls. It should be easy and fast to notice the mirror, especially when you are going out to make sure you are neat and ready to face the world. 

Unless your floor is decorated, add a rug to your two-story foyer to increase warmth and softness. The rug will help to trap echo sound that creates a lot of unnecessary noise. Additionally, the mirror and the rug should not go away from the theme color of the house. The rug should be cleaned regularly to ensure that your foyer looks clean and stunning always.

Extra Molding for 2 Story Foyer Decorating Ideas

New architectural moldings help your foyer to look more beautiful than expected. However, you can add additional tall crown molding, wood paneling, wainscoting, or frame out some sections of your entryway wall with some decorative molding. The additional decorations make your large two-story walls to look occupied by the beautiful and unique molds. Additionally, do not forget to check the color of the molding, which should rhyme with the theme of the house.

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 Consider adding two comfortable sits at the foyer for you to rest as you read a novel or newspaper. This is one of the most relaxing positions in a two-story that you never thought of, away from the screen and the entire living room. You can make a call without distraction and also take your coffee as you focus on how the day’s events have been.

Tall Entrance Door

It looks stunning when the 2-story foyer has a tall entrance door. The doorknobs with a unique design to create a sense of style. However, the door must have bright spaces at the top made of glass to bring in more light at the foyer.

Use Plants instead of Flowers

To have a unique foyer, you need to use plants instead of flowers since most people have flowers at the entrance. Use one of your best plants that do not grow wildly and tall to replace a bulb. This will give your entry a stunning look.

Use Animal Print

Do you love animal prints? Then this is the best for the stair runner. This is because they’re great at camouflaging muddy footprints, spills making your house look unique and stunning at the entrance. The prints should obey the theme color in the house.

Create a Gallery for 2 Story Foyer Decorating Ideas

 The gallery in the entryway can be of different types, such as the traditional attires, extinct animals, or your family. This will serve as a welcome to any visitor or family member who comes into the house.  However, it will help a great reminder of what happened in the past, creating a cool flashback while relaxing.

 High Drama

Never shy away from what you love. This is because the foyer can give you the best feeling as you enter the house, and the first thing you see is what you love most. If you love books, let your foyer have a library and make sure it is properly arranged with the books you love reading. You will find that a library can make the entrance look amazing.

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 Show Off Your Art

Every entry should set the tone for a house. You must not know how to draw for you to love art. Therefore, you can buy already drawn pictures that you love and place them at your entrance. In other cases, if you can draw, it will be an opportunity for you to market your talent right at your foyer. They will serve as decorations as well as pictures for sale.

 Under-the-Stairs Storage for 2 Story Foyer Decorating Ideas

Create a secret compartment under the stairs at the entrance. It will help store most of the items that are urgent during outdoor activities. It will save you the time to climb up and down the stairs. However, the store like foyer is stunning and unique in its own way.

Daring Color 

Consider your best color at the foyer. It can brighten your mood once you come home tired and moody. Make sure it is the original paint to avoid fading. The color should be bright since only bright colors can brighten your mood and the foyer. Additionally, the rug at the entrance can also be brightly colored due to the first impression created at the door.

Hardwood walls and Flooring

Isn’t it beautiful and stunning to have wooden walls and floors? Such foyer is unique as it makes the entire house look bright and warm. It is the best, especially in cold areas. It needs regular cleaning to prevent dust and maintain a shiny look. Hardwood lasts longer and is warmer than the cement floor. It is also easy to fix wall hangings in comparison to the cement wall.

Conclusion on 2 Story Foyer Decorating Ideas

The above two-story foyer decorating ideas are the best to give a first positive impression at the entrance of your house. However, as you choose, consider what you love since it is your house that you want to look good and make you feel relaxed whenever you enter. Choose the best that will make your two stories the most stunning in your environment.

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