15 Quirky Foyer Ledge Decorating Ideas for Any Space

foyer ledge decorating ideas

A foyer ledge is a narrow surface protruding from a wall of an entrance of any room. It could be the entrance of a home, or in a living room, a kitchen, or a bedroom.  Just like in decorating the archway this is one of those areas that people forget or rather neglect to decorate while they decorate other parts in the room.

This could be because its either they do not know how to decorate it or what items to use to decorate the foyer ledge area or they just do not see the need to. Here you will find some unique foyer ledge decorating ideas that will help you turn that neglected area into an area seen with a lot of admiration.

Foyer Ledge Decorating Ideas

foyer ledge decorating ideas

Brighten the Foyer Ledge with Ceramic Vases

Ceramic vases will be perfect for decorating foyer ledge in any room. Get two sets of three colorful ceramic vases of different heights and place them in the corners of the foyer ledge. If you do not have the ceramic vases you can go for those unused ugly old glass vases and paint them using bright colors to give them new life then use them instead. You can put some flowers in them then place them on the foyer ledge, doing this will brighten the area remember that old is gold.

Use Fake Plant to Decorate the Foyer ledge

The majority of foyer ledges are always high and a ladder is mostly used to access these places. Decorating using fresh plants might turn out to be tedious work because you will have to climb that ladder now and then to water the plants. If not the fresh plants will wither and fall off leaving the foyer ledge unattractive.

But fake plants will last longer and you will not go through the trouble of climbing the ladder to water them. The beauty is that from a distance these fake plants also appear real and this will come out nice on the foyer ledge in living rooms and also the ones found in the bedrooms

foyer ledge decorating ideas

Pottery Decorations

While decorating the foyer ledge use decorating items that you will not have to move them now and then. In this case, the idea of displaying some pots, dishes and other articles made from fired clay will turn out to be simple and very unique. This will add a traditional touch on the foyer ledge you are decorating and the results will be amazing. This idea will be great for decorating a foyer ledge found in the kitchen

Mount a Family Sign on the Foyer Ledge

Mounting a family sign or a family name on the foyer ledge is a great idea to bring a sense of belonging to the family members that occupy the place. This idea will work perfectly on the foyer ledge in the entrance of a living room.

For example, you can place a family sign on the foyer ledge with your family’s last name on it on the other hand; you can also bring up a welcoming feeling to your visitors by placing a welcoming sign on the foyer ledge of your living room entrance. This idea will brighten your home and also it will bring in a lot of joy and unity.

Hang Portraits against the Foyer Ledge Wall

Display portraits of our family members or that of legends you admire so much against the wall of the foyer ledge wall. This will make the place stand out. You can decorate using two or three large portraits depending on the space. You do not want to go for small portraits because they will not be visible enough for people to see.

Use the Beautiful Lamp Shades on the Foyer Ledge

Place three beautiful lampshades on the foyer ledge, put one on the right-hand side, one in the middle and the other one on the left-hand side. Spacing them in this manner will make the place look great. You can also go for two lampshades as well, one on each side of the foyer ledge this will turn out to be a simple but well-decorated area. 

Turn it into an Antique Area

Do you have those pieces of furniture or artistic work that you have collected and they are of high value due to their age and quality? Well, the foyer ledge will be a perfect place to display them, this will make the area will be timeless and classy too. For example, you can go for a mechanic antique clock and decorate the foyer ledge using it this clock will give the room the amazing vintage touch. 

Display a Sculpture on the Foyer Ledge you are a person who

Displaying a sculpture on the foyer ledge will turn the place into a fantastic view; choose a sculpture to display according to your taste. For example, you can go for a sculpture of a man playing a certain musical instrument if you are a person who is in love with music. You can also go for a statue of our favorite animal and put it on the foyer ledge.


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Keep the Foyer Ledge Large and Simple

While decorating the foyer ledge remember to keep the area large, in the sense that you should not overload the place with a lot of items on it because doing this will make the place look messy and overwhelming instead place a few items to make it appear spacious. Make it simple too; this will enable you to have an easy time dusting off and cleaning the surface.  

Paint the Foyer Ledge Using a Bright Color

The idea of painting the foyer ledge along its inner surface will make it appear simple and unique, for example, if the rest of the wall is white find another bright color that can be painted along the foyer ledge’s inner surfaces to compliment the rest of the room. This might even work for that person who does not have items to place on the foyer ledge; because the bright color will draw the attention to the foyer ledge and it also makes it beautiful too. To accessorize you can add some pots or vases too. 

Arrange Baskets on the Foyer Ledge

Baskets come in different shapes, sizes, and colors that make them so beautiful to carry around and to use for decoration. Arranging the baskets on the foyer ledge in a kitchen will traditionally beautify the place. Choose baskets of different sizes and colors to make the foyer look unique and stand out too.

You can also put some items inside; these items should be the kind that you do not use regularly because if you put the items you use now and then it might force you to climb the ladder each time you want to use them. Go for the baskets with lids on them because you might want to cover the items in the baskets to prevent dust from settling on them.

Brighten the Foyer Ledge with China Plates

Decorate the foyer ledge in your kitchen with china plates arranged on it. You can display them by mixing the china plates made in different colors. For example, mix the plain white plates with the blue-flowered china plates. Arrange them in a vertical order this will not only make the foyer ledge unique but also beautiful.

Change When the Season Changes

Since the ideas when it comes to decorating the foyer ledge are limited, you can decorate the ledge according to the season you are in. for example, when it is during the festive season, you can decorate the foyer ledge using a Christmas tree with beautiful lights on it and gifts wrapped nicely. When the festive season is done, you can go back to decorating the foyer ledge using the vases and other items. Doing this will make the place have different views and hence it will not appear boring.

Final Word on Foyer Ledge Decorating Ideas

A lot of people find it hard to decorate the foyer ledge found in their buildings because of many reasons. The reason could be most of the foyer ledge areas are too high and some find it difficult to access the place, but on the other hand, there are a lot of ideas one can use to decorate these areas and make them stand out and be a sight to behold. Think and come up with some creative and simple ways to decorate your foyer ledge.

You do not need to spend a lot to decorate the foyer ledge, you can improvise the items that you no longer use and turn them into beautiful items to use as decorations. For example, you have those big old mugs and pots that are no longer n use, you can write words like love, joy, peace, kindness, laugh, believe among others on them and display them on the foyer ledge to bring up the sense of good virtues in your home. You no longer have a good reason as to why your foyer ledge is undecorated.


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