15 Ideas for How to Decorate a Slanted Wall Bedroom

how to decorate a slanted wall bedroom

Sloped walls offer a burst of charm and character to any room. Designing a bedroom with such a wall can, however, be a bit of a challenge. Most people are often faced with a dilemma when deciding which styles and colors are most appropriate for such a room. Here are 15 ideas that can guide you on how to decorate a slanted wall bedroom.

How to Decorate a Slanted Bedroom Wall

Read our tips for how to decorate a slanted wall bedroom below!

Have White or Light-Colored Ceilings

Painting your slanted ceiling with a white or light color creates the illusion of space. Moreover, bright colors reflect natural light, which is excellent in case the room has small windows. Painting ceilings with a dark color creates a cave effect that makes the room look and feels smaller and closed in.

To complement the light-colored ceiling, you can add contrasting dark-colored features such as beams, but they should be limited. Painting the ceiling and walls with cohesive colors will give it a warm feeling. Ensuring that the walls are darker provides the room with warmth and depth, and clearly defines its angles. 

Add a Window Seat

Though your bedroom may have a slanted wall, the idea is to make it as cozy as any other room in the house. Squeezing in a bookcase, coffee table, and reading area may be impractical due to the limited space within the room. You need to utilize your space without making it seem crowded cleverly. A clever way to add cozy to your slanted wall bedroom is by creating a window seat.

It offers a perfect space for reading, meditating, working, and storage. It also creates a focal point for the room. You may remodel the window area and built a permanent window seat or simply add an armchair to achieve this look. A built-in bench is advantageous in that it can be used for storage, and it does not block the natural light.

Every homeowner should have a space designated for this. It should be a plan even before buying a home.

Create a Faux Canopy

This design is especially ideal for teenage girl bedrooms. The faux canopy can be created using netting or a piece of light fabric. To make it even more appealing, add lights or faux flowers to the canopy, which should; be placed on the slopy side of the ceiling. It creates an attractive look which most young girls dream of having in their bedrooms.

Be Smart with Storage

Bedrooms with slanted walls tend to have limited space. If your room is on the smaller side, consider having built-in closets, drawers, or bookshelves. Extending the storage spaces all the way up to the ceiling ensures that they take up less floor space.

Having more space to store your belongings will leave your room feeling uncluttered and open. You can even disguise the storage by keeping it behind closed doors or painting it with the same wall colors. Additionally, keep as little furniture as possible and match the furniture colors to those of your floor and walls. This technique gives the room a flawless and relaxed feel. 

Light It Up

If you have a high vaulted ceiling, .a chandelier would be grand. Chandeliers create a beautiful feature at the center of the room while clearing the floor of floor lamps, thus creating space. But this is not the only choice you have. You can creatively select a lighting style that matches your decorating and budget. Standing lamps, for example, can serve as a decoration and a lighting source all at once.

Add Texture to Your Room

Though florals and stripes can be a bit much, especially in a small slanted wall bedroom. A plain room is not as appealing. Using one or two textured pieces such as cushions or bedspreads could give room the splash of color and fun aspects that it needs. When it comes to texture, the fabric isn’t the only way. Wallpapers, textured paints and finishes can do the trick as well. Leaving a few of the beams on the ceiling exposed adds instant warmth, contrast, and texture. 

Creative Shelves

The advantage of having a sloped ceiling is that you can create shelves with a natural gradient. Shelves built at the edge of the wall that is in contact with the sloped ceiling accentuate the slope and utilize space that would have gone to waste. You can use these shelves to add décor to your bedroom or store some more items.

Use Accessories that Make the Room Look Bigger

When it comes to buying accessories such as mirrors and rags, a little luxury goes a long way. These pieces often make a small space appear much more significant.

For slanted wall bedrooms, light-colored floors are the better option. Complement this with a soft rug, preferably a bit darker than the floor itself. Such a rag gives the room structure and creates the illusion of a much larger space.

Mirrors to have this effect. They create the impression of height and breadth for a small room. To fully capture the idea, ensure that the mirror reflects an empty space rather than an occupied space such as a bookshelf or storage area. 

Add Pictures

There is no reason why you should forego putting pictures on a slanted wall. If you are unsure of how to go about it, buying specially designed hanging systems that are mounted on metal rails is the way to go. These hanging systems allow you to attach pictures and shelving securely and in any design you want.

Practical assembly kits are also ideal for mounting photographs on slanted walls. These kits allow you to secure canvas pictures or wooden frames firmly on the wall. Wall decals that are stuck on the wall can be ideal too. 

Flat Minimalist Furnishings

If you wish to make your slanted room look bigger, then minimalist furnishing is the way to go. A minimalist bed, which is made from a pallet of wood, for example, will fit onto any slanted wall and leave a lot of space above it.

Light and delicate looking furniture will leave your room less cramped and more lit up. Beds with low headboards or none and intelligent shelving systems will do the trick in this case. 

Cover the Windows Up

In most cases, bedrooms with slanted walls, as in the case of a loft, have a skylight or a window.  These are great for naturally lighting the room, but once it gets dark, the windows can take the appearance of a black hole. Installing individual screens and blinds which are held in place with taut cords or rails can cover these areas.

Heat resistant blinds can prevent the room from getting too warm in the summer. Some blinds, which come with remote control and an automatic closing function, are a worthy investment. To top it all up, they will prevent any nosy neighbors from peeping in. 

Add Movable Furniture

Movable furniture is especially useful in rooms with slanted walls. They can be easily moved to the side when they are standing in the way. Most designers nowadays design furniture which has a dual function. Beds stools and tables are designed to do more than maybe perceived at first sight.  Desks, for example, can be transformed into dining tables and sofas into beds. Such pieces are ideal for slanted wall bedrooms as they are not only reliable but also save on space. 

Incorporate a Creative Coat Rack

A creative coat rack will not only add an edge to your room but also fit right into the slanted wall. A twisted brunch would be perfect for this look. It can easily play up the slope while creating an interesting statement that can be sued as a rack for hanging coats.

Ensure that your creative coat rack is firmly fasted to the wall or ceiling to prevent any accidents from happening.

Create a Multi-Plane Mural

Another exciting and simple way to spice up your sloping bedroom is to put up a mural that extends to the ceiling. This is a perfect décor idea because it does not consume a lot of time or resources. A painting will also open up a room and give it life.

Vinyl Names

What better way to spice up a child’s bedroom or a nursery with a slanted wall than to put up the little one’s name in pain or vinyl. This fun idea will take the place of a wall hanging and is a center of attention.

It is also a fun way to decorate the slanted wall above the crib since you don’t want to place anything that could fall in that space. 

When it comes to rooms with slanted walls, the options are unlimited. When deciding on which décor to go for, do not fear to explore into varied and exotic themes.

Thou, most people, perceive rooms with slanted walls as a challenge, they can be elegant and impressive if adequately styled. With these tips, your slanted wall bedroom should be your new favorite room within the house.

So, now you know how to decorate a slanted wall bedroom!