15 Cute Mickey Mouse Room Decorating Ideas

You probably are a Mickey Mouse lover or your kid is. Then Mickey Mouse Room Decorating Ideas are for you. The character has been a kid since 1928 making it a pretty sure deal to find relevant room decor products from your favorite store.

However, the internet is saturated with products, DIY ideas, recipes and decor simulated options to spruce up your room looks. The many products can leave you wondering where to start and what you need to have a stunning room decoration for you and your loved ones.

Mickey Mouse Room Decorating Ideas

Whether it is a birthday party you are planning or you are just finding the best design for your junior’s room, choosing the color palette to use for your decor will make the whole task easy. It is easier when you focus on individual parts of the room when doing purchases to get an easier task when decorating your room.

Choose one distinct area to be the focal point for your decorating efforts. Trying to decorate every corner of your room is the worst mistake you can make. Balloons, banners and paper pompoms just to mention are some of the decors that can spruce up the looks of your room to a whole new experience.

Wall Banners

Banners add a pop of color and texture to your room with ease. Hanging a banner in one of your favorite chairs or at the corner livens your room with a piece of art you would however not find anywhere else. The banners, hanged on walls can positively contribute to wall decor without any negative impression on your room.

Get your very own Mickey Mouse banner here! Perfect for bringing the theme to life. 

Mickey Mouse Twodle Balloons

As mentioned earlier, choosing a focal point to set up your room decor is always a nice idea. Getting a set of mickey mouse twodle balloons to hang under your ceiling is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. Balloons are relatively cheaper and will serve a great purpose in spicing up the looks of your room while maintaining your low budget as well. 

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Mickey Mouse Hanging Honeycombs

With the different colors and sizes, they come in, the honeycombs are perfect decorations for your room. The honeycombs have already assembled ears so your work is only hanging them by the rope and you are good to go.

Get yours here on Amazon for an affordable price today.

Mickey Mouse Wall Clock

Everyone loves keeping time whether they are a mickey mouse fan or not. The mickey mouse wall clock will boost your experience while in your room and enable you to arrive on time for all your meetings. The cute design will remind you of the classic cartoon character. The clock has super big digits which will have you know the time without necessarily moving closer. 

Mickey Mouse Jersey Curtains

Curtains, other than regulating light in your room, can be a decor tool too. Moreso, curtains are a double edges tool since they can be viewed from both in and out of your room (if they are installed in the windows). The mickey mouse jersey curtains are perfect for your kids’ bedroom or playroom. Matched with a coordinating bedding and some other accessories, curtains can make your room stunning and attractive. 

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15 Cute Mickey Mouse Room Decorating Ideas 2

Mickey Mouse Wooden Shelf

If you are after spicing up your room’s looks as well as find some storage for your assets, the mickey mouse wooden shelf is for you.with the different storage capacities and sizes, you have a variety to choose from. The shelves should be chosen according to your color preference and the size of your room. 

Mickey Mouse Woven Blankets

To keep you warm and impress your eyes in a single move, have the mickey mouse woven blanket in mind when purchasing mickey mouse decor for your room. With the multi-color designs available on the market, you are sure to get what your eyes will like. Most of the blankets are 100% polyester ensuring you stay with the product for a long time without fear of wear and tear.

Welcome Visitors With The Mickey Mouse Door Rug

Mats are a natural way of welcoming visitors to your home. With the character’s vinyl on the mat, the mickey mouse door rag will give your visitors a heartstopping visit even before you open your door. Friends to your kids will definitely love to come back again and again courtesy of the mickey mouse doormats. 

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See our recommended Mickey door rug here.

Mickey Mouse Ceramics

From cups, spoons, plates, mention it all. Mickey mouse ceramics are a great pointy of investment if you are a true fan of the amazing Disney character. The ceramics come in a multicolor set giving you ultimate control of what you want. Moreso, if you are not into purchasing another set of ceramics, you can take your existing ones to a paler and get them printed the mickey mouse vinyl. Your kids will enjoy carrying the mickey mouse cookie jar to school rest assured of their snack’s safety. 


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Mickey Mouse Decorative Lights

The Disney decorative lights are hand crafted to give excellent quality and impressive design. With the high light intensity quality, the lights are ideal for any activities in the room. From studying to entertainment, light is an important aspect of a room. Moreso, the lights come in a set making all your rooms covered at the same price at once. 

Mickey Mouse Picture Frames

Just above the bookshelf, pictures of you and those you love will give soothing memories whenever you are relaxing or studying. The mickey mouse picture frames are ideal for keeping your photos. The frames come in different sizes hence can accomodate pictures of any size without compromise. 

Mickey Mouse Wall Print

Prints on your wall make a great impression of yourself to any visitor in your room. For your love for mickey mouse, get your favorite artist to have your walls painted with the mickey mouse wall print. Wall decor depends absolutely on the paint you chose for quality and perfect results.

Mickey Mouse Bedding Set

For your family’s love for mickey mouse, the Mickey bedding set available here is all you need. Bring the excitement to your kid’s rooms with 100% polyester bedding. These beddings themed with mickey mouse’s prints are ideal for any kid who is a fan of the great Disney character.

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From the pillows with mickey’s prints, the beds will have a stunning look and this spruces up the looks of the whole room altogether. The pillows, just to mention will give an attractive look and sooth down your kids every evening they turn to their beds for rest. Mickey mouse prints on your pillows will elevate your relaxation and impression whenever you are in your room.

Mickey Mouse Mirror Frames

Mirrors are a center point for any room’s decor. With the impressive ability to double up the looks of your room through reflection, getting a mirror with a feature you like is an icing on the cake. The mickey mouse mirror frames and holders will hold your mirrors in position for an impressive look and reflection of your room’s decor.

Mickey Mouse Cutout Wallhogs

Wallhogs are undisputably a great way to fill your walls with impressive decor. Having cutouts of your favourite character (mickey) is more sugar on the plate. From the different scenes, you can get your favourite shape of mickey mouse cut out and stuck on your wall. This will boost your fanship for the character as well as spice up the looks of your room. 

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a person holding mickey mouse baloons

Explore New Mickey Mouse Room Decorating Ideas

Your love for mickey mouse should not end on the screens. This, just to mention  are the best Mickey Mouse Room Decorating Ideas style=”font-weight: 400;”> to have your room meet your imaginations. Before purchasomg the decor and installing it in your favourite room, several factors should be considered. The size of your room will directly determine the patterns of the wall art you employ. With a small wall, you are advised to pick a smaller art and do it repetitively all over the wall to create an exciting pattern.

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