10 Unique Ideas on How to Decorate an Archway In Your Home

If you have been wanting to incorporate some new architecture within your home or just fascinated with interior design, you should consider installing an archway in your house. Archways are essential elements to the structure of a building as it gives it support and also covers gaps. But you have to know how to decorate an archway in your home for the best results.

How to Decorate an Archway in Your Home

An archway can help enhance the beauty of your house both inside and outside. When it comes to interior design, installing an archway goes beyond the paint, wood floors, and even furniture. A decorative archway can help make your home look more sophisticated and also increase its value in the long run. 

Since an archway is a beautiful architectural feature of any home, you can further enhance it in several ways. Any decorating idea that mainly follows the line of the archway will further accentuate it and even draw attention. The following unique ideas can help you learn how to decorate an archway in your home:

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So, let’s get started with how to decorate an archway in your home…

1. Use Inspirational Words

You can decorate the interior archway of your home with some inspirational words. All you need to do is to look for your favorite quote and then use a letter stencil to copy it. You can even try to search for that one word that is very meaningful to you. Some of the words that you can consider include Believe, Achievement, Success, Love, or even Family. The good news is that some stencils contain even an entire sentence. You should curve these letters so that they can be parallel with the arch. Alternatively, hang canvas.

2. Use Beaded Curtains

You can choose to emphasize the exotic notes in your décor with interior arches hang with beautiful beaded curtains, like these, available on Amazon. This is very common in most homes. It is worth noting that translucent colored acrylic beads in a variety of shapes and sizes can make your archway look like a rainbow dazzle of bright butterfly colors. One advantage of having see-through curtains in an archway is that you will get ample fresh air even when you are in the house. Besides, sufficient light will be able to flow through the adjoining room, which creates a sense of separation. You can, therefore, purchase complete curtains or strands of beads at your nearest home design or craft store.

3. Consider Tile Mosaic Design

It is possible to give your indoor archway a Mediterranean flair with a tile mosaic design. Here, you can cover the inside of the arch or even extend the pattern partly around the curve on the wall in one or both adjacent rooms. You can fit the small tiles into the curve. There are many designs that you can choose. These include geometric patterns, an abstract design, or identifiable astronomical figures such as the stars and the sun. Your archway can have black and white tiles and a few primary colors for accents. Working out the patters to fit the curve and setting the tiles in place can be a bit difficult if you are not skilled. However, you can look for a professional to do this for you.

4. Paint It with Trailing Vines and Colorful flowers

You can turn your archway into a magical world when you paint it with trailing vines and colorful flowers. You can even illuminate it using a string of fairy lights. This is more important if the archway leads to your bedroom. It can make it look more romantic. You can also try to jazz up the archway between the kitchen and dining room with painted sunflowers and hibiscus and a red-hot string of chili lights. The color of your flowers should coordinate well with the colors in the room the archway is facing.

5. Use a Stencil to Paint a Design over the Archway

You can readily use a stencil to paint a design over the archway. However, you should do this according to your design style and personal taste. It is essential to keep your overall décor style in mind. One advantage of considering this choice is that the option here is endless. In this case, you can consider flowers, butterflies, birds, medieval, Japanese, Asian, and so on. You can also consider an ivy line that follows the shape of the arch.

6. Use Arched Shutters

If your interior archway usually serves an entrance to another room or as a walkway between the rooms, you should not completely cover it. You should, therefore, try to use arched shutters at the top of the archway to add an accent of color and style. In some cases, the arches usually incorporate small windows along the very top of the arch. This is another spot where shutters or wood blinds can help in decorating the archway. Most homeowners have tried this and have enjoyed the result.

7. Use Draperies

Draperies are an excellent option if you want to decorate your interior archway uniquely. There are many designs that you can choose from. The good news is that draperies usually work well with archways as they can be left drawn without interfering with their purpose. You can hang them in a straight line above the archway or inside the arch. If you have an arching curtain rod, you can trust that you will achieve a unique look. Some people usually choose to use just one panel of drapes on one side of the archway while others prefer to cover both sides. If you combine valances with curtains, you can trust that you will be able to decorate the arch while accentuating its shape and curve.

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Custom draperies can help enhance a room’s entire design in a way that store-bought draperies can’t. Nowadays, there are modern draperies that can be motorized and can be integrated into your home automation system. With draperies, you can be sure that you will be able to control the amount of light getting to your room and even optimize your privacy in the long run. They are a good option when you want to decorate your archway.

8. Include Some Greenery in Your Archway

When you’re wondering how to decorate an archway in your home, sometimes all you need is some greenery. Plants are known to improve the health and well-being of residents. This is the reason why there is a lot of emphasis on including some greenery in our homes. One advantage of adding greenery is that they are suitable for any interior design. A good example is the flowers. They can make you smile and even create a positive environment at home. You can therefore include them in your archway. This is a unique way of making improving the aesthetic appeal of your archway.

You might have seen this in most wedding venues. You can still incorporate this into your home. You can add an array of greenery both on the archways present inside and outside your house. An archway laced with vibrant greenery and showy flowers can help create a beautiful backdrop for you. If you are covering a larger surface area with greenery, you can choose to use more lush foliage like fern or eucalyptus leaves. For a more delicate look, you can choose to use more lightweight greenery such as ivy.

how to decorate an archway in your home

9. Hang Some Lights on Your Archway

You can do this, especially when the festive season is approaching. Most people usually look for Christmas lights to hang on their archways. One advantage of doing this is that your house will be well lit. It can even make your house look bigger than usual. You can trust that your house will look more attractive. If you have an archway outside your house, you can still do the same to it. You can even choose to install fairly lights above the archway. In this case, you can use large and colorful lights as an outdoor holiday ornament or else hang dainty, white lights to create a romantic atmosphere in your home

10. Add Some Panel Shades

You have seen window blinds in the past. They are very common in many homes. If you want to give your archway a new look, you can consider using panel shades. As you purpose to buy the panel shades, you should check the dimensions of your archway. You can then buy the panel shade that you need with the aim of creating a doorway in the archway. Here, you can consider using 3-panel shades and two smaller shades to decorate your archway. Panel shades can also help to partition between two rooms in your house. If there is an archway between two rooms, a panel shade is an excellent option to consider.

how to decorate an archway in your home

That’s How to Decorate an Archway in Your Home

These options can help make your archway look different. Most homeowners have installed archways in their homes and have made their houses look more modern. However, decorating the archway can make your house stand out from the rest. These ideas are beneficial and will make you have a beautiful home. If you have an archway at the entrance of your house, you should decorate it all the time so that you can create a good impression of your home. You will also have some prestige as a homeowner. Besides, this is a good way of increasing the value of your home. Consider these ideas, and you won’t regret it.

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