10 Summer Home Decor Ideas

Summer brings with it a release from school, more free time, plenty of sunshine, and warm, comfortable weather. What better way to ring in the season than with a refresh of your home? Some summer décor can change things up a bit and give your home a different look in time for the season.

What make a summer look special? For us, summer makes us think of flowers, sunshine, vacation spots, and the outdoors. It’s a time where the sun is out and the weather is mild, so it’s a great time to be spending time in nature and soaking up some sun. Yellow is the key summer colour, but anything bright and bold can be a summer hue.

Changing up your home for summer doesn’t have a be a big, involved project that comes with a lot of expense. You can simply change a few items here and there and give your home a different feeling, a summer feeling. We have a few summer décor ideas that you will hopefully get inspired by and then try for yourself. Are you ready for a new summer look for your home?

Spruce up the Summer Room

The summer room gets lots of use during this season. It’s airy and allows in lots of sunshine, traditionally, so it’s great for long sitting sessions and for tea or coffee time with guests.

Since you will likely be spending a lot of time in the summer room from the start of the season, it makes sense to change out the décor there and decorate the summer room first of all.

One of the  summer room décor ideas we like the most is to upholster the couches and seats there with new fabric made specially for summer. You can give the room a whole new look that is bright and cheery and oh, so summery.

As for DIY summer room décor ideas, we think the addition of some sunflowers make a big splash in the room. Any bright, yellow flowers will really lighten the room and make it feel more like a porch rather than an enclosed space.

Any DIY idea that’s easy enough to pull off is to change out the curtains to something light and semitransparent. Lacy yellow curtains or thin sky blue curtains are a great changeup for this room, letting in lots of sunlight even when the curtains are closed.

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Add Colourful Runners

Summer is about bright, bold colours, and one of the best ways to add some colour to your home is to install a few runners on your tables or along the bottom of your sofa and other large furniture that may be covered in fabric. Here is how we might make summer home décor ideas like this work:

  • Take a table that is plain and bare and cover it with a white tablecloth. This looks clean and simple, but then you can add a bright pink runner around the sides of the tablecloth, and suddenly you have a splendidly beautiful table that is cheery enough for summer.
  • Your ottoman looks fine but is not bright and summer-y enough for this season, so you want to give it a bit of pep. You can add a runner along the bottom, which not only looks great and adds some colour but it also hides anything unsightly that might be under the ottoman. Be sure to pick a colour that compliments the colour of the ottoman and your living room.
  • You can do this with a coffee table as well, adding a tablecloth and a bright, cheery runner to it to make it pop.

Flowers, Just Lots of Flowers

Spring may be the flower season, but don’t get rid of flowers just because it will soon be summer. You can reuse some of the flowers from your spring décor or get all news ones that really showcase the colours of summer.

Spring home décor uses more pastel colours, while summer décor tends to use yellow as well as bold colours- so a lot of primary colours can be used in your decorating. One of our favourite summer home décor ideas is to add a bouquet of flowers to  shelves around the house. You can add them to your bookcase, your knickknack shelves, and other flat surfaces. Tables and countertops are all ideal decorating spots. Be sure to use colours in your bouquet that work well with whatever room you are using them in.

We say the more flowers the better, and you can really tie the entire theme together by ensuring there are flowers in every room of the house. Just keep in mind that if you use fresh flowers, you will have to keep them watered and cut to help them look fresh, and then they will need replacement every so often.

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Front Door Wreath

Do you need some front door décor ideas for summer? Probably our favourite one to use is to add a summer wreath to the door. You can start with a simple vine wreath and then add in flowers that reflect the colours and mood of summer. You may want to incorporate a fabric bird or some fake berries to give it a little variety. Play around with the wreath to give it a unique look that makes your home stand out.

The front door is the first thing that anyone will see when they come to your home, so you want to leave a good impression and show everyone that you have updated your home for the season. Your front door Is also what you’ll see when you come home each day, so you can keep summer in your mind by decorating your door with a festive wreath.

Summer Prints

One of the more modern ways to decorate your home for a season or a special occasion is to use prints. You can make these yourself or order them from any number of websites. They are a cheap and very effective way to reinvigorate your home and give it a splendid, new look.

Do you need some summer house décor ideas for the prints to use? We suggest photos of the beach, paintings of foreign cities you might like to vacation to, or pictures of fields of flowers. Summer prints can be placed in any room of the house, and you can make up a few prints for each of the larger rooms. Your entire decorating scheme can involve prints if you want, making for a very simple and effective way to give your home a fresh, new appearance.

Feature Table

Some people will buy furniture especially for seasonal decorating. You may want to consider a feature table that can be placed in a hallway or at the entrance to your home. Give it a festive, summer-themed tablecloth and place a beautiful arrangement of summer flowers on top, in the middle of the table. Then, add on a few decorations that you have personally picked out. Maybe some small statues, a book of photographs, some decorative animals, or something else that catches your eye. You can really add just about anything that appeals to you. The point is to make the feature table pop and use it as a focal point for the room it is placed in, which creates a wonderful summer atmosphere throughout the room.

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Summer Accent Pillows

Do you like cheap and easy summer home décor ideas as much as we do? One of our go-to seasonal decorating methods is to use throw pillows in all the right places. Remove whatever pillows are already there and choose ones that accurately reflect the colours and mood of summer.

Make your couch, ottoman and chairs all look summer themed with the right throw pillows. You can change out the sheets and pillowcases on your beds as well to give them a summer theme too. This is one of these decorating ideas that you can spend hours on just trying to decide what fits and what will look right in your home, and then it just takes a few minutes to put everything in place. You’ll have a new look quickly, bringing summer to your home in such an easy way that you may just do what we do and use this method every year.

Feel free to combine some of these ideas together to give your home even more of a summer look. You can try as many or as few of them as you like, depending on your time, budget, and the kind of look that you are going for. Summer isn’t just a great season because of the beautiful weather and the chance to be outdoors more. It is also a great opportunity to redecorate parts of your home and give the place a seasonal update.

Let us know which ideas you chose and how much you love your home after some décor has been added. The joy of summer decorating should be shared, and our comment section below is designed for just that. What are you waiting for- get decorating!

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