10 Practical but Beautiful Curved Wall Decorating Ideas

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Whether you consider it a decor challenge or custom addition to your home, Curved Wall Decorating Ideas are all you need. Just like with foyer decor, a curved wall needs special consideration in terms of decorating. Decorating a curved wall needs working with the limitation of the curved wall to bring an outstanding look. There are a number of design options that will turn a curved wall into an attractive feature in your home, making it a decor asset.

Curved Wall Decorating Ideas

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Prepare Adequately

Taking time to explore options for the wall helps with designing the desired outcome. Vertical decoration such as a vertical row of unframed posters or a long wall hanging will fill in the blank wall In a space with a high ceiling. Horizontal wall treatment like a row of small pictures encourages the gaze to travel along the curved wall.

Despite large picture frames not hanging correctly on a convex wall, narrow or small or frames will. The color style and scheme of decor near the curved wall can help guide your options. when you desire to pick paint colors or hang wall art to go with existing decor, select samples of nearby colors like upholstery, carpet, wood finish, cushions, and paint chips during your shopping.

Paint Treatment

To decorate a curved wall, a paint treatment might be all that’s needed. Having a saturated color that matches your décor gives the convex area more depth to enhance its architectural interest. A good decorative paint treatment, such as using a paint meant to mimic granite or concrete, could make the bare wall a focal point.

The best method for this involves using textured spray paint. If you want to downplay the curve, then choose to keep it the same color as adjacent walls. Other options also exist including painting it in broad vertical or horizontal stripes or just using it for a mural. It allows you to know in advance how the wall treatment will look.

Photos or Art

Using photos and art in matching mats or unframed photos offer many design possibilities for a curved wall. A large group of images can be tie together using the matching mats, even if they don’t have a common theme. Usually, photos and posters weigh less without glass and frames, hence making it possible to affix them to the curved wall either with double-stick tape or adhesive strips designed for mounting posters. 

Images on a wall in matching mats convert the curved wall into a gallery. It’s also possible to find wall art in curved frames. Putting one large picture centered on the wall and flanked by sconces could give the area a traditional or even more formal effect. An informal wall treatment for a curved wall is created by a casual collage of snapshots. 

Hanging Lights 

You can also choose to hang a large pendant lamp at the center of the wall. Take around one so its light will play off the wall in interesting ways. This is a good idea especially if you have low, modern shapes near the wall, such as a sofa, chairs or table that have a mid-century retro look.

Repurposing Curved Spaces

Although turret rooms may be spectacular, they’re often small by modern standards; therefore its well within reason to change what was originally a tiny room to a great bathroom or even a very useful office. But before you convert a round room, consider what’s there and what you will potentially need.

Apart from floor space, essential criteria include the number and placement of doors, closets, and windows; accessibility to plumbing lines; and the availability of open wall space.

With regards to doors, you must remember that an extra doorway might be converted into additional wall space because one exit is usually sufficient. Wall space can be necessary for bathrooms because bathtubs are traditionally mounted against walls. Many curved rooms lack continuous wall space.

However, there is a very appropriate solution: a claw-foot tub that stands alone in the middle of the room, using a shower curtain ring to keep things dry. Whatever approaches you take on your restoration, your round room will always be.

Curtain Calls

One of the most important aspects of a curved room is the drama of its surprising, focusing shape, hence it’s crucial for draperies to emphasize window curvature. While placing separate curtains on each window can work well, a single window treatment that sweeps over everything could be outstanding. Now that curtain rods usually tend to be straight, this may seem like a tall order. Continental Window Fashions can custom-make curved curtain rods.

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Making Tiles Turn

Normally on Turret walls curve; tile doesn’t. Understanding this can avoid many problems. For the starters, the smaller the tiles used the better. 6″ is about the maximum tile width that can work successfully on a curved room.

The walls of a turret with a typical 9′ radius will always leave about a 1/4″ space behind the tile where it doesn’t sit flat on the surface, hence you’ll need more than the normal quantity of mastic to fill the gap. That’s true especially for decorative and accent pieces that require an abundance of sticky stuff in order to stay put.

The major mistake with turret rooms is to try and offset tile or begin each new row half a width over from the one below it. While this approach may be visually attractive in conventional rooms, on a curved wall tile need to march above each other in lockstep, or else parts will protrude and look horribly uneven.


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Malleable Moldings

To install wood moldings in circular spaces is tricky since you either have to make the molding in the round with a router and bandsaw or coax a length of straight molding stock into a curve. Coaxing a length of straight molding stock into a curve is the most common option for short runs in restoration projects, and there are three basic approaches.

Kerfing – With this technique, the back of the molding is crosscut at calculated intervals, so that the saw slots or kerfs allow the wood to bend. Despite kerfing working for making both inside and outside curves, the molding has to be thick enough to carry kerfs, and the kerfs have to be shallow enough not to weaken the molding or show on the finished side.

Segmenting – This method involves dividing the molding into relatively short pieces, or segments of the curve, using angled cuts. After then building the segments up into the curve one by one, lapping the ends to make a smooth transition.

Steaming – With small, thin moldings it’s practical to soften the wood fiber with moisture and heat until it becomes pliable. Sometimes, extended soaking in hot water will fit the bill, but otherwise, the job requires steaming the process boat-builders use to form ribs and other curved components.

Built-In Seats or Storage

You can also choose to make the space welcoming with a built-in bench.  You can add a soft cushion and nice brightly colored pillows and you have additional seating for guests. Create small hidden storage under the bench seat for extra storage; this can be achieved either by making drawers or installing hinges on the seat so it can easily be lifted to reveal a trunk space.

You can paint the wall above the bench with chalkboard paint if this space is in an entry. This can serve as a message center for your family as they remove on or put on their shoes. Or even a corkboard with a funky frame better suits your decor.

You can place a quote above the bench to send everyone out the door inspired. Vinyl decals are simple and easy to apply and remove and would conform easily to a curved wall.

Paint the wall using highlighting and attractive color to show off this interesting architectural detail. Select a color that is the same hue but two or three shades darker or lighter than the other walls. This makes the curved wall and benches the focal point of the room without adding any contrast.

Built-in shelves always make a stylish display of your treasures, books, and collectibles. If the curved wall is in an appropriate section of your house, its unusual shape will also make for decorative built-in storage for wine.

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Curved Wall Decorating Ideas; Millwork

Adding millwork to your stairway increases more interest and dimension to the curved walls with the architectural details that cover up the walls without forming. In fact, this is one of the best Curved Wall Decorating Ideas.

These are the best solution for a curved stairway, since they are available in different shapes, sizes, and styles. They usually add light and character.


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