10 Ideas for How to Hide an Unused Door Beautifully

how to hide an unused door

Have you ever moved into a new house that you felt deeply attached to but the only problem is that one probably ugly looking door that doesn’t fit in your description of how you want a specific room to look? Are you are trying to redesign your home into something fashionable and classy?

Or you are trying in another style but the only thing that does not fit in is this enormous unused door that you are trying to get rid of. Well worry no more for here are some solutions on how to hide an unused door.

Implement a Media Door

Have you have just gotten that extra room that you have always wanted and its everything you have dreamed of except for that unused door? Why not just change it into your media door where you can now have your bedroom or your living room into more than just a classy and elegant but a digitalized room by just placing your screen and your home theatre on the unused door.

You no longer have to worry about where to look for the right place to place your screen anymore or if you will be able to hear your music loud enough since you do not have the right place to place your home theatre. here you get to solve all three of your problems in an easy go.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are like the solutions to most of the problems especially on how to hide an unused door.

You can always place a classy huge mirror in front of the door you are trying to hide this can solve that but one major problem you get by using this as a way of mirroring yourself out of this is that the mirror effect will only work if the mirror is reflecting not just anything but something that makes its reflection pretty too.

You may try to use the mirror but you find it difficult to know which is more ugly the unused door or the mirror that is probably reflecting something you don’t want to see every time you pass by the mirror.

Choosing the mirror is not always the best option if nothing nice is being reflected but it is the most priceless one when you have it figured out with an amazing piece.

Add a Wine Store

You are probably running out of enough space in your kitchen cabinet to store your expensive wine and as much as you try to create more space it is never enough. Why not change that extra unused door to your perfect wine storage.

It is a way of not just an of making more room, but it is a way of showing off to your friends that your place is no longer the same boring place where you always run out of drinks during watching your football matches just because you could not find enough space to put the drinks or you can also use it as a way to hide your drinks away from your kids or your wife who is pestering you on how you should stop your drinking problem. 

Make a Small Home Library

You can always create your home library in your small living room or wherever you have that unused door. Just turn it into a small bookcase where you can keep all your reading and writing materials starting from your favorite magazines to your love for novels and your addiction to writing short stories and poetry.

You no longer have to stock up your cabinets or throwing away your writing works just because you do not have enough space to place them.

That unused door may be the answer to all your problems from now on since you can always just transform It from a boring door to your creative bookshelf that talks more of your personality and makes your room more comfortable and an extra to keep your house perfectly in order.  

Add or Create Art

You could never go wrong with art starting from beautiful murals which could distract the eye from anything else and would be the best way to hide that unused door.

Murals could be anything that lights up your room so that the unused door could be used to your advantage where you can always go for art and change that boring room to something that makes everything just more brighter everything up.

You can also go for huge paintings that cover up the whole door and just shows off your artistic side and how good your taste is and that picture or mural can change the look of everything in your room since you can express yourself in it. Murals can be of all kinds even ones that can show a staircase or a garden and simple art of your favorite artist.

Add Family Pictures

Have you been running out of space to place photos of the whole family that is increasing too fast that every time there is a gathering you have to look for the family pictures and look for a place for them to be seen so everyone can know you still remember them and your memories together are special?

Make that unused door into your memory lane by placing all your pictures on that unused door.

Now no need to have pictures hanging different places or lying around in places they are not needed to arrange them in a unique ay in that they just don’t fit in but they look like the missing puzzle in your room that you have been trying to fill.

Add Curtains or Drapes

If making the unused door artistic is way too much of a work for you, could always go for the easiest way of hiding that unused door beautifully by either using drapes or curtains.

Drapes more recommended since unlike curtains which are light and are used to allow little light to pass through the drapes are heavier and hence no one can notice the door behind the drapes can remove that eyesores in the room and makes the room more elegant.

You have to be careful with the choice of color that your curtains are in order not to ruin the effect that you are trying to create and you do not just end up making everything more worse by using colors that do not blend in perfectly with the color of the walls and probably the furniture that is in the room.

So as much as curtains and drapes are a cheap and perfect way to hide that door the colors also matter a lot and whether the drapes and curtains cover the door perfectly.

Make a Splash with Paint

Painting is another of hiding an unused door. You could always paint the door same color as the walls of your room to take the focus off from it but sometimes that would just make the room look plain.

If it is your bedroom you could always paint it to match up with your pillows or the be cover just something that is not just plain or if it is your living room you could match it up with your carpet or the color of your chairs.

This will make the door disappear but make the room outstanding but painting it the same color with the wall will just make it blend in more with the rest of the wall.

Use Glass to make French Doors

As cheap as it can be French doors can be the answer to classing up that room that you have always felt was too much of a bore and why not kill two birds with the same stone by turning that unused door into a French door because glass always makes everything look ten times better especially if the door leads to an outside garden or your hot bathroom shower.

The glass can be the solution to the external door that you no longer use or an extra door to your bathroom from your bedroom.

Decorate your Home with Plants

How about your garden in your small room by bringing the outside the inside. You can always show off your gardening skills even without having a garden of your own. You can always use plants with trellis and making them cover the whole door with flowers and plants.

You can always put the flowers in vases in front of the door or plant herbs and place them on a table in front of your unused door that makes the eye grow fond of the flowers or on the good smelling herbs. 

Finding a door that does not fit your plan is common and normal but the only uncommon thing is to let the door be a way of making your room look dull because those are just some of the ways we can hide that an unused door beautifully. Also, hide your unused fireplace with these tips.