10 Breezeway Decorating Ideas

an archway

A breezeway is a sheltered passageway that is outside your house. A well structured breezeway not only provides an outside walkway between the main house and the garage but also has the potential to expand your living space. Additionally, it gives an extravagant feel to your property and a cool place for relaxing and outdoor entertainment. 

Most breezeways feel room-like due to their adjoining structures. For that, it is possibly translated to both outside and inside. It provides a flexible space that accommodates a variety of activities such as outdoor dinning.

Despite the fact that the breezeway is used all the time- be it to go to the garage, to relax or to do laundry, it is sometimes a forgotten area when it comes to décor. Nevertheless, a well done breezeway gives a covetable architectural component to the exterior of your home and enhances traffic flow in your house. Before we embark on some of the very gorgeous Breezeway Decorating Ideas, let’s have a look at types of breezeways.

Types of Breezeways

  • Contained Breezeway. A contained breezeway has a composition that fits the geometry of both casual and contemporary homes. It has a gable roof, common to both the garage and the house. In cases where associated structures were living spaces, the breezeway can be referred as a dog trot.

For this structure, the end of the house that adjoins the breezeway can experience absence of sunlight because doors and windows are underneath. Opening the rafters is a good measure that enhances indirect access of light from the inside.

  • Funneled Breezeway. This kind of breezeway enhances the backyard privacy by portraying a tight view of passersby. It comes out better when your house and garage are angled towards each other. Funneled breezeway is smaller compared to contained breezeway; hence it does not experience absence of light.
  • Offset Breezeway. An offset breezeway comes up in cases where the garage is offset from the house. The breezeway overlaps each structure in that you can enter from either side. The offset breeze does not experience the absence of   light; it gets light from four sides

Having learned that decorating your breezeway is a good thing, you might be wondering, ‘How do I go about giving a new look to my breezeway.’ Well, on that there is both good and bad news. The good news is that there are plenty of choices when it comes to decorating your breezeway. The bad news is that all the ideas are so amazing that you may end up having difficulty while choosing which one to implement. You may end up choosing more that one idea, which is okay.

Here are 10 Gorgeous Breezeway Decorating Ideas that will help you spruce up the area and make it an attractive spot where you can stop and enjoy.

  • Flowering Sheers

To attain a lovely scene, place window sheers scattered across the breeze or at the corners. Use your creativity to the level best to come up with arrangement patterns that would wow each and every onlooker.

You can also hang the sheers along the sides by attaching hooks or running a thin wire across and then attaching them to the wire. This will give your breezeway a touch of an outdoor room. For sheers that will be safe outdoors, polyester is the best choice.

  • Café table set

If you’d love to have a cozy place where you can relax, read the newspaper and enjoy a cup of coffee, consider placing a coffee table and several nice chairs at your breezeway. Place a few plastic flowers on the table to make it more outstanding.

 The idea works best if your breezeway is wide enough to accommodate the commodities. However, you can work with the available space by coming up with suitable furniture that will fit in the available space. For instance, a round table takes up more space that a rectangular one.

  • Flowers or vegetables

The open area at the breezeway would make an optimal place where you can plant some flowers and vegetables. Plants release oxygen which makes then helpful in maintaining a fresh air environment around your house.

It is advisable to plant both the flowers and vegetables along each side of the breezeway to make it easier while attending the garden.

  • Decorative pots

Placing some decorative pots along the sides of your breezeway gives the spot a beautiful view. As the name suggests, decorative pots are meant for decoration, and decoration they give. Having said that, the pots not only act as decoration features, but also as functional features. You can reserve your water horse and other gardening tools in them. 

To make an attractive display, paint your decorative pots preferable using colourful paints. Waterproof paint is the best in this case.

  • Water Feature

As far as having a water feature on your breezeway is concerned, there are many options. The first option is to add simple water fountain that is well designed to give a fantastic view of the breezeway. Another idea is placing a bird birth with a water feature attached to it. 

 The sound of flowing water comes with a calm, relaxed feeling. That is why you should consider installing your breezeway with a water feature.

  • Bird houses

If you have a passion for birds, making them a home just near your house could sound such an amazing idea. The awakening sound of early morning melodious songs from the birds could be good enough to make your day brighter. 

To get these lovely creatures at your breezeway, place a number of bird houses together with humming bird feeders. As mentioned earlier, you can have a water feature, precisely a bird bath where the birds can cool their bodies once in a while as they also quench their thirst. You can paint the house, make a decorative tool too and enjoy having a great bird watching spot.

  • Park Benches

Another way to decorate your breezeway is placing several benches. Each side of the bench will also enable you to add some beauty with flowers and plants. More to say, you can sit and relax on the benches as you take a cool breeze on a sunny day. 

The benches can be purchased together with the planters for people who want it that way. If no so, you can get the park benches first and later the planters.

  • The solar lights

With solar lights along the breeze, you are guaranteed to have adequate lighting especially at night. In addition you will enjoy the benefit of having a curb appeal. 

Different styles that are more decorative are available in shapes of flowers, animal characters among other styles, some of which are customized to inspire certain cultures. Get the solar lights along your breezeway and enhance whimsical style along your breezeway.

  • Party lights

A stream of party lights is meant to add light and whimsy to your breezeway. Apart from proving enough lighting to the breezeway, party lights add a fancy and amusing touch all around the area. With the being called party lights, their presence comes with that partying feeling. The alternating colours of lights bring an exciting, sensational and sometimes romantic mentality.

There are so many party lights that come in different colours and shapes. You can be sure of getting a design that suits your tastes and preferences. If you like, you can also get them customized or designed from scratch to meet your individual desires.

  • Decorative Trellis

In case you would want to have little privacy, adding a decorative trellis is the way to go. A good example of such is a pattern lattice trellis. Consider planting several climbing plants or flowers such as Ivy and Morning glory as an additional feature. 

You can buy various types of trellis at a home improvement center or garden. But if you trust your traits for arts and creativity, you can purchase pieces of trellis and make your own. Though, as it is the case with planting, climbing plants will have to take some time to mature and produce a decorative effect.

You don’t have to sacrifice the original function of your breezeway in order to give it a decoration make over. You simply have to remember the pedestrian pathway, outdoor flooring, lighting and furnishing to transform your breezeway into a serene retreat, a café place or any other idea that you may want to implement.

Just like the way it is with any other home expansion, there are some factors that are considered. One of the crucial factors is the stylish needs of the owner. Remember some people have a taste of style that they would want to maintain in all the sectors of their lives. In the case of structuring a breezeway, it is better if the preferred style goes hand in hand with the need to supplement the current appearance of house, garage and the surrounding environment. For the best outcome, incline towards the structure that is moderate or the one that matches the current theme of the home.