10 Bathroom /Laundry Room Ideas for a Neater Space

Do you walk into your bathroom/laundry room and keep pushing your feet through the clutter on the floor? Knocking your knees on wrongly placed baskets or unable to find one side of your socks? Create a relaxing, neat and clutter-free space by implementing these 10 bathroom/laundry room ideas for a neater space.  

Bathroom/Laundry Room Ideas

a clutter free bathroom

1. Labeling Laundry Containers

It’s crucial to label bathroom/laundry containers containing clutter. Even if your clutters are orderly, labeling them makes it easier to know which items are in which bin.

So why bother labeling containers?

  • Labeling gives clear guidance to other members of the household on where to put items and where to find them. This avoids the mess up of not knowing where to put items or where to find them. Putting clutter into their designated containers leaves you with a well tidy and organized bathroom/laundry room.
  • Labeling gives you an easier time as you know where to find or put clutters. This is helpful especially when you have opaque containers as you don’t have to wade through them looking for certain items. For example, labeling a container containing cotton swabs as ‘cotton swabs’. 

Here are labels you can use.

2. Acquiring Stackable Laundry Baskets

Baskets are a must-have in the bathroom/laundry room. They come handy in organizing your laundry. You can assort different items in different baskets. For instance, you can have a basket for dry clean towels, a basket for damp towels and many more. Let these baskets be stackable.

So why have stackable baskets?

  • Having baskets that can stack up makes your bathroom/laundry room to be spacious compared to having stand-alone baskets.
  • Besides, a basket that stacks up makes your bathroom/laundry room look tidy and well-organized.

3. Installing Slimline Shelves on the Laundry Walls

Above the normal horizontal shelves, you can install a slimline shelf. These are shelves that are tall and narrowly structured. So what value does installing a slimline shelf add to your bathroom/laundry room?

  • A slimline shelf is a must-have solution to enhance a well tidy, organized bathroom/laundry room. In them, you can store so many items. They are very essential especially when you have a smaller bathroom. Having in place slimline shelves leaves you with a spacious, brighter and clutter-free bathroom/laundry room. So why not have one or two in place.
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4. Fixing Shelves Behind the Laundry Door

Behind the bathroom/laundry door is an often-overlooked space on which shelves can be installed in. Having a relaxing, spacious and neat bathroom/laundry room comes with utilizing to the maximum every available space thus behind the door is no exception.

So why utilize the space behind the bathroom/laundry door?

  • Installing shelves behind the bathroom/laundry door accommodates more items.
  • It saves you space
  • It makes everything appear orderly and well organized.


5. Installing a Shelf Under the Sink

I guess it’s so irritating when every time you mob, you find cluttered items under the sink. Whichever items they are, have in place an under sink shelf to arrange them neatly. This space can be ideal for items like paints, painting brushes, and some old paintings.

Having an under sink self is inexpensive and saves you a whole lot of space. And this enhances your bathroom/laundry room organization skills. 

6. Installing Shelves on the Wall Above the Washer and Dryer

That space above the washer and dryer shouldn’t be left unexploited. Install a shelf there to carry more items. Having in place shelves will leave you with a neat and well-organized laundry room. Some of the items you can store on these shelves are; toiletries, detergents, disinfectants, make-up among other items.

7. Painting Laundry Wall With White Colour Paint

Often people don’t have a keen interest in the paint colors for their bathroom/laundry room. A choice of color could brighten your laundry room or makes it appear dull but who wants to be in a dull room? I guess none. A good choice is white paint. You can also apply the white paint on your laundry cabinets’ and baskets.

You will never go wrong with a white paint color. Reasons?

  • A white paint color reflects light, making your bathroom/laundry room appear larger. 
  • When you neatly organize your bathroom/laundry room, the color white paint brightens it, enhancing its neatness.
  • The white color spreads light around the house, making it easy to spot stains.
  • Besides, it creates a bright ambiance within the room which in turn, uplifts your mood when carrying out laundry chores.

a white theme bathroom/ bathroom/laundry room ideas

8.Fixing Cloth Rods on the Walls

Inadequate storage items is likely to make your laundry room a breeding ground for clutter. This makes the room with a heap of mixed up clutter. In addition to having baskets, shelves and containers, having cloth rods are crucial. Why?

  • Because it serves as a space for hanging up damp clothes from the dryer to dry further.
  • It serves as a space to hang delicate items that you would wish to air-dry.
  • A cloth rod enabled you to have wrinkle-free clothes.

9. Installing Wall Hooks on the Wall

If you don’t have wall hooks, then let it be the first on your to-do list. Wall hooks act as additional storage space in the laundry room. Below are some of the items which you can hang on wall hooks.

  • Keys
  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Aprons
  • Shower towels
  • Headphones
  • Pictures

10.Putting Sorting Baskets in the Laundry

Having a functional laundry basket requires adequate baskets for sorting out your laundry. Sorting baskets will free you from the overwhelming dirty laundry, scattered everywhere in the bathroom/laundry room. So having sorting baskets is an important aspect of achieving a well organized tidy laundry room.

Different sorting baskets serve different purposes. For instance, you can have in place an assorting basket meant for dirty laundry. You can also have an assorting basket specifically for clean but unfolded clothes. To add to, you can also have a basket for keeping lightly worn clothes.

Sorting baskets are not only tied to the bathroom/laundry room but should also be put in the bedrooms. Why have sorting baskets in the bedroom? To store dirty clothes waiting to be taken to the laundry, failure to which, you will end up with a messy bedroom. Besides, you can have baskets to temporarily hold clean clothes from the laundry before being put into their rightful places.

It’s important to also have to sort baskets for sorting out colored clothes. This saves you the hustle and time of sorting out colored clothes into their specific baskets on the D-day of washing clothes. Besides, it is important to teach other household members to make this a part of their daily routine

Besides, you can have in place carrying baskets meant for carrying dirty laundry from the bedroom to the laundry room as well as basket for carrying clean clothes from the laundry room to the bedroom.

So Why is it Important to Implement These 10 Bathroom/Laundry Room Ideas?

These ideas are important because first and foremost you will be having a well organized neat laundry room.

Second, you will have an easy time handling your laundry. For example, having different sorting baskets enables you to easily identify where dirty clothes are as well as clean ones. Labeling also makes your work simple as you can identify different items and different containers without having to turn things upside down.

Following these ideas will free you from having lost items. For instance, it’s usually tasking searching for a lost key, that’s why having wall hooks for hanging such kind of items is important.

Implementing these 10 ideas enables you to have a comfortable working environment for carrying out your laundry because it is quite irritating to be working in the laundry with clutter all around.

A well-organized laundry room is easy to clean hence not having some damp socks somewhere between the washer and dryer. This can collect some bacteria which are health hazardous. Besides, you will be free from dirt and dust which can easily irritate your sinuses.

These ideas enable you to have a spacious bathroom/laundry room. You will have an easy time walking in and out without struggling on your way through. This is why having stackable baskets comes in handy in saving space.

bathroom/laundry room ideas

Final Thought

I guess it’s everyone’s desire to have a neat and well-organized bathroom/laundry room. This makes your laundry room serene, admirable and you’re able to carry out tasks effortlessly and efficiently. Implementing the above 10 bathroom/laundry ideas will be the ideal thing to do to your bathroom/laundry room.

These ideas are inexpensive and easy to implement. They will save you time, energy and minimize trips in collecting and sorting out laundry.


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We hope you’ve found our guide to bathroom/laundry room ideas useful!

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